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            KRECO Authorizes HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY as Distributor in SA
            Add time:2023-06-17    Click:295

            We are pleased to announce that KRECO has officially authorized HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY as our distributor in Saudi Arabia. This partnership will bring more innovation and high-quality products to the Saudi Arabian market. Here is some important information about KRECO and HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY.

            KRECO is a globally renowned company that specializes in the production and sale of high-quality products. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our product range covers various fields, including technology, consumer electronics, and household goods. Through strategic partnerships with global collaborators, we strive to expand our market share and bring our products to more countries and regions.

            HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY is a well-known enterprise located in Saudi Arabia, specializing in trade and distribution. They have a strong reputation in the market and are renowned for their professionalism and efficient services. HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY has extensive experience in distribution and promotion and has achieved significant success in collaborating with international brands. Through our partnership with HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY, we look forward to better meeting the demands of the Saudi Arabian market and providing local consumers with more choices and value.

            The collaboration between KRECO and HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY will bring many benefits to Saudi Arabian consumers. This includes a wider range of product choices, faster delivery, and excellent customer service. We believe that through this strategic cooperation, KRECO and HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY will jointly explore the Saudi Arabian market and bring more innovation and outstanding products to consumers.

            Thank you for your support and trust in KRECO and HAMAT ALULA TRADING COMPANY. We look forward to witnessing this exciting collaboration with you, bringing more business opportunities and success to the Saudi Arabian market.


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