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Intelligent power solutions:
Kingrong Enterprise Ltd. (trademark is KRECO®) a high-tech company, established in 2008. We have our own plant, specialized in producing electronic products, consumer electronic, include Bluetooth Earphone/Headphone, Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, Party Speaker, Bluetooth SoundbarSpeaker, Clock Radio, Dynamo and Solar Radio, DAB Radio, Nostalgia/Retro Turntable Player, Smart Bracelet, Personal MP3 player, Electric toothbrush, Power Adaptor, AC Charger, Car Charger, USB Cable, Power Bank, high-end wireless charger and clients’ customized products, as well as providing intelligent power solutions. All its products are designed and produced (in mass production) according to the newest international standards. 

7-state certification, newest standard:
Its products have passed the certification in 7 states, which have also obtained the CB certificate; clients can select what they really want; all its products have been inspected by the newest, most comprehensive and strictest safety codes, complying with CoC and DoE6 energy-saving codes. (7 states include China, the USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea, England and Australia). 

Mass production:
We have partner-cooperated and well-controlled with many different categories factories, since we have many good and closed friend resources in the marketing. floor area of about 60,000m2, including 19 production lines and 500 skillful employees. Every month, it is able to produce 600,000 units, which can highly ensure the goods delivery. In the meantime, the company has a powerful design and R&D team to develop and design new products. There is a quality control department responsible for the quality check and control. 

Timely, professional sales service: 
Under the core value “honest and sincere” and the mission “go to serve the clients, shape our own brand integrating Industry & Trade ”, the company provides clients with customized intelligent power solutions and customized products. By now, our products are being sold in 60 countries and regions. All clients can get professional sales service from our company. 

Best services for you and we are waiting for you.

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      Bluetooth Speaker
      General list
            Clock Radio
            General Items
            General Items
            Cable Headphone(General Items)
            General Spec
            CD Micro (General list)
            General Items
            Karaoke Microphone
            Party Speaker(General Items)
            Bluetooth Speaker
            General Items
            General Items
            General Items
            General Items
            General Spec
            General Spec
            6W series USB industry adaptor
            56VDC 270mA
            12W series USB industry adaptor
            56VDC 270mA (AF/AT)
            15VDC 400mA
            KRE18A/B (18W)
            EI48 20VA
            EI57 42VA
            EI66 80VA
            7.5W walll adaptor
            KRE06x (7.5W)
            General Ax series
            12V 0.83A 10W Switching power supply
            12V 0.83A 10W Switching power supply, AC/DC adapter
            General Spec
            General Spec
            18V 1A 18W POE injector, 18VDC 1000mA POE adapter
            6VAC 0.2V 1.2W EI28 Linear Power Supply
            24V 0.75A 18W POE injector, 24VDC 750mA POE adapter
            POE injector 24V 0.5A 12W CE FCC ROHS 1000M Gigabit
            9V 0.1A 0.9W AC/DC adapter switching power supply
            9V 100mA 0.9W AC/DC adapter, switching power adapter
            9V 0.5A 4.5W EU AC adaptor, power break
            12V 0.75A 9W EU AC/DC adaptor
            12V 1A 12W EU AC/DC adaptor
            10VDC 1.25A 12.5W desktop switching power adaptors C8 connector, CE EMC ROHS
            9V 330mA 3W AC/DC adapter,Linear power supply, CE EMC ROHS
            24V 1A 24W POE injector, 24VDC 1A POE adapter
            24V 1.25A 30W POE injector, 24VDC 1.25A POE adapter
            12V 1A 12W desktop switching power adapters, customization CE FCC ROHS
            12V 2A 24W AC/DC adaptor, switching power supply, CE RoHS
            12V 1.5A 18W AC/DC adaptors, switching power supply, CE EMC RoHS
            24VDC 520mA 12.5W switching power supply,CE EMC ROHS
            9V 600mA Linear power supply,AC/DC adapter, CE EMC ROHS
            9V 530mA 5W EI48 Linear power supply, CE EMC ROHS
            13.5V 2.6A 35W switching power supply, AC/DC adapters, CE GS UL EMC ROHS VI
            12V 1.5A 18W
            18W 12V 1.5A
            KR1005B(Thin Version)
            KR1005(RX OTG)
            12V 0.7A 12W Medical Power Adapter With IEC/EN60601 Standards, Suitable for Medical Equipments
            6V 0.5A 8W Medical power Adapter With IEC/EN60601 Standards, Suitable For Medical Equipments
            Switching power supply, AC/DC adapters 12V 1.5A 18W CE RoHS EMC
            Desktop switching power supply, 12V 1.5A 18W CE RoHS FCC EMC
            1.5-3-4.5-6-7.5-9-12V 0.3A 6W Multi-connectors linear adaptor
            24V 1.25A 30W POE injector, 30W POE adapter
            24V 1.25A 30W POE injector, 24VDC 1.25A POE adaptor
            24V 1.25A 30W POE adaptor, Megabit/Gigabit POE injector
            24V 1.25A 30W POE injector,POE adapter, CE FCC EMC RoHS
            24V 1.25A 30W POE adapter, 24VDC POE power supply
            24V 1.25A 30W POE injector
            24V 1.25A 30W POE adaptor. 24VDC 1.25A POE injector
            12V 1A 12W CCC POE adaptor, 12VDC 1A POE injector
            12V 1A 12W UL POE adapter, 12VDC 1A POE injector
            12V 1A 12W EU POE adaptor, 12VDC POE injectors
            12V 1A 12W EU POE adapter, POE injector
            60W CCTV power supply

    Product Series:

      Switching Adaptor
      Wireless Charger
      Linear Adaptor
      Bluetooth Speaker
      Party Speaker
      Clock Radio
      Karaoke Microphone
      Home Theatre
      CD Micro
      Turntable Player
      Smart Bracelet
      Electric Toothbrush
      Portable Fan
      Mosquito Killer Lamp
      Smart Watch
      Car Battery
      Customized Products